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Austin 10

Manufactured by the Austin Motor Company at their Longbridge works in Birmingham in 1935 and supplied to the first owner by The Canterbury Motor Company Ltd, Canterbury, Kent. For the past few years it has been in Gloucester but change of ownership has brought it to Somerset. The engine is 4 cylinder side valve 1125cc developing approximately 10 hp. (21 bhp)

Braking is by a system of rods and cables, the gearbox has 4 speeds but the manufacturer recommended that first gear should only be used for starting when on steep inclines or when heavily loaded so for normal driving only three speeds are used. Most of the framework is wood, as are the floor boards. The semaphore type indicator arms were removed when an up to date flashing system was installed in the interest of road safety. Apart from this, and a repaint at some time, the car is still very much in its original condition.

The Lichfield saloon was introduced in 1934 as a modification of the 1932 10/4. When new, this car would have cost 150-160. A total in excess of 54,000 had been made when it was replaced in late 1936 with a completely new design, larger and with a more streamlined body - the Cambridge saloon.

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austin01.jpg austin02.jpg austin03.jpg
austin04.jpg austin05.jpg austin06.jpg

Cullompton Show, 27 June 2010.
cullompton01.jpg cullompton02.jpg cullompton03.jpg

Culmstock Show, 4 July 2010.
culmstock01.jpg culmstock02.jpg

Mid Devon Agricultural Show, Tiverton, 24 July 2010.
tiverton01.jpg tiverton02.jpg tiverton03.jpg

West Somerset Railway Association Steam Rally, 7th & 8th August 2010.
WSRA01.jpg WSRA02.jpg WSRA03.jpg
WSRA04.jpg WSRA05.jpg

Willand Show, 21st August 2010.
Willand10-1.jpg Willand10-2.jpg Willand10-3.jpg

Bridwell Park Country Fair, 5 Sept 2010.
bridwell10-1.jpg bridwell10-2.jpg bridwell10-3.jpg

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